title generator

a poem by kc carter

NATTAHNAM,  manhattan,
runny nose, blood stain on my t-shirt,
mayonnaise, mustard,

unexpected payday,
soda pop.

titles are a funny thing
when you’re an abstract painter
that paints things
that have absolutely
no meaning. n o  m e a n i n g.

intensity of god,
remixed philosophy,
instant pole of childhood,
commercial ego,
jelly donut,
bromance, secretly gay,
fee for a ticket,
phone book, truck stop,
baby back ribs.

how do i come up with these?,
everyone asks.
i could have come up with some
creative way
that these titles popped
into my brain,

“the yellow paint chip
placed over the blue line
really looked like someone
some mustard across the piece
but mustard was too obvious
so i chose mayonnaise instead.”

“do you know how appetizing
a can of pink paint looks?
so smooth, rich, indulgent.
gourmet, almost.
like you just want to
drink it.”

“when it’s your first
painting with
large quantities of
why not title it ‘sun’?
shining from behind
with shadows created
from the darker colors.”

“sure, i painted a map of
in the background of this painting
but since bernie sanders’ name
is literally
written in the painting,
why isn’t it titled vermont?
vermont backwoods is
tnomrev, t n o m r e v.
but that’s ugly, so possibly,
NATTAHNAM. n a t t a h n a m.”

i could tell you stories like such,
and while it would
make sense
it would also be a string of lies.
for all of my titles,
you can thank the good old
title generator.

false volume,
hedonic visions of crippled perception,
crippled visions,
indestructible situation,
incoherent space,
reincarnated echo,
blob & image,
alphanumeric eye,
drunk peacock,
oversize,  -?
metaphysical elegance,
trapped by circumstance,
modular material.