Design process

To create my abstract compositions, I typically follow a step by step process.

The content within these steps determine the overall outcome of each painting, but I have a process that I tend to fall back on when I’m looking for the next move in a piece.

Color Fielding

To start my abstract painting process, I create large color fields and shapes to fill the background of my canvas.

Adding Text

On top of the newly created color fields, I add text to create shape, dimension, and meaning.

Determining Segmentations

Once layers of color and text are placed on the canvas, I determine where I want certain color segmentations to come through the text and into the foreground.

Creating Visual Noise

After all colors are blocked in, I can then add what I call “visual noise”, or additional layers on top of the existing piece.

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Moves to make when the process fails:

Oftentimes, a painting or other creative work will stray from the typical artistic process I follow. When this occurs, I have some other “moves” I tend to gravitate to in attempts to solve my artistic road block.

  • Create a stamp out of something that wasn’t meant to be a stamp

  • Thumb through a magazine and find something to glue to your piece

  • Drip an absurd amount of paint

  • Write the first thing that comes to mind. Cover the whole canvas in this idea.

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